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Big Bang! (Science)

Hello and welcome to science club!


Science club is ran every Monday by Mrs. Clarke and has been very popular.

Here you will find out about the amazing investigations and experiments your children experience such as building robots, mini-beast hunts, astronaut space camp and watching a caterpillar hatch into a moth! 


Children love to experiment independently.  Which is why hands-on science activities are essential for children to develop their individual needs. Science invites a lot of communication between children helping them develop their social and communication skills. Science also develops patience and perseverance coupled with a healthy dose of scepticism. 

Not only will your child be gaining these skills but they will also have fun!


Here are some things the children in KS2 have to say about science club. 


"Science club is incredibly awesome!" 

"I enjoyed all the experiments and tasting astronaut ice-cream!"

"I enjoyed science club because we have lots of fun like making robots and seeing the results of experiments"

"Science club has been a blast, I have a lot more knowledge since attending science club"

"I love science now, Mrs. Clarke is the best teacher on the planet!"


Science club is now available for children in KS1. If you would like any information regarding this please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Clarke.


KS1 have enjoyed their first two weeks of science club as they have been planting flowers and conducting mini-beast hunts.