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2nd June

Good morning Year One


I hope you enjoyed the activities yesterday. Today we are going to revisit the book Tiddler. During the story Tiddler was busy dreaming up an excuse as to why he was late, and ended up getting caught in a fisherman's net and going on a real adventure. His class were worried about where he was and thought he might be lost.


Can you make a 'missing' poster for Tiddler?


Don't forget the essential details, description, where he was last seen, contact number etc.


For Maths we are going to continue with measuring. In today's lesson you will learn about capacity and volume, specifically relating it to the words 'full', 'nearly full', 'half full', 'nearly empty' and 'empty'.


You could have a play with some water in your garden practicing these concepts. 


Follow the link below for the BBCBitesize page.

For our History project this half term we will be answering the question 'Would the Beetles have won the X Factor?


We will research who the Beetles are and at the end of the term you can answer our big question.


For our first lesson we are going to find out Who was John Lennon and what was his childhood like? 

See if you can google a picture of John Lennon so you can recognise what he looks like. Do you think you can draw him?


Research a day in the life in the 1950's and see how life was different then to now. 


As always I would love to see your work on our twitter page. 


Take care heart