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5 Day Home Learning

Dear Parents/Carers,

Below you will find two home learning links. Please select the correct link depending upon how many days your child has to self-isolate. I have included a suggested timetable for your child to follow. There will be five activities a day that follow the school's daily lesson structure.  

Year 2 home learning timetable


Please use your log in to access Oxford Owl daily on

Read Write Inc. eBook library | Oxford Owl for School

This has lots of resources we use at school. Your child will know what colour book they are using in phonics. If you need any other help please contact school via

Example piece of work found on Oxford Owl

Example books found on Oxford Owl



This term we are looking at addition and subtraction. Within this unit children will progress to addition and subtraction involving two 2-digit numbers, again representing the steps within these calculations visually with different resources. Children will use the column method as a way to represent the mental calculation steps, but not see this as the only method for calculation. 

Work will be uploaded to reflect the time of isolation. 



This term we are looking at the story Traction Man. Please watch via YouTube before each session on this link: Traction Man - YouTube

Please see 5 day PowerPoint to support each day of learning at the bottom of the page. 


Reading and Comprehension

Please take the time to read the short story and complete the comprehension sheet. 



Exploring Everyday Materials helps your child identify, classify and describe the everyday materials around them. Through fun activities and investigations, your child will explore the properties of materials, such as wood, plastic, metal, glass and fabric, and start to explore the uses of everyday materials.



Help your child find out more about the town, country and continent they live in this term. Your child will find out where the United Kingdom is located on a world map and explore the features of the countries and capital cities of the UK, before finding out more about their local area.

We have some knowledge of our world and where we live locally. Can you complete the activity craft pack to show where you live?


Come and See

This term we will be looking at Baptism - Signs and Symbols. 

There is some advice given at the bottom of the page. 

The work uploaded reflecting the time of your child's isolation.



Enjoy 30 minutes of exercise with Joe wicks

PE with Joe Wicks



This term the children have been learning all about 'moving pictures'. 

Can you apply the knowledge you have learnt this term to make your own moving  moving picture at home?

Remember it may have a lever, flap or moving character.