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Welcome to Year 6!


Teacher; Miss Devaney

Teaching Assistant; Mrs Voce


It is lovely to welcome your children to Year 6. Thank you for making sure your children returned to school looking very smart in full school uniform and ready for a fun-filled, busy year!

This is a really important, demanding year for your children. In Year 6, the children are expected to be increasingly responsible for themselves and their possessions. This includes organising themselves – for example knowing on which day they need their PE kit and ensuring they always have their full school uniform and completing homework on time.


SATs and Class Information

During this year, your children will be sitting important examinations, the SATs. These are tests that all children in England will take during the month of May (dates to follow) The SATs are a test of what your child has learned in Primary School. It is important that your child attends school so they do not miss any important work or revision that will be taking place. Under no circumstances should you book a holiday during the month of May or the weeks leading up to test week. In the run up to the tests important revision and booster classes will take place both in and outside of normal school time. Please encourage your child to attend these classes if invited to do so.

Important information for Spring Term


Booster Classes


Booster classes take place every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15 - 4:15pm.  Please encourage your child to attend


Please find useful links below to support your child with their revision.


Thursday: PE kit needed


Friday – Spelling Test. Your child has been given a complete set of spellings for the year. I will set them a list to learn on a Friday to be tested the following Friday. Children in Year 6 are expected to know and use, in their writing, a list of words (see attached document). We will be concentrating on these and also revising words from the Year 3 & 4 list (also attached). If you could help and encourage your child to learn these words and their meanings for at least ten minutes a night, they will sail through their Spelling SATS !


Home Reader – Every child has the opportunity to take home a reading book to read at home then bring back to change. We encourage the children to read regularly and hope that they will all continue to enjoy books. We recognise that many children read independently and don’t want to read to an adult! However, all children like to share or talk about their reading from time to time and we welcome any communication from you, so that we can all support the children with their reading and discussion of texts. Your child has a reading journal in class in which they are encouraged to record any reading done at home. Remember reading is not always a book, your child may enjoy reading comic books or reading on the internet. All of this is excellent practice and should be encouraged.


Homework - Any homework set will be given as reinforcement of what has been taught in the lesson on that day or in that week. It is usually due in the day after it has been set – on a Monday if it is set on a Friday- unless the children have been told otherwise. All I ask is, if your child has been set homework,then please encourage them to do it and return it to school when asked.

Your child has been given a list of the spellings they have to learn each week for a spelling test each Friday. We will be doing activities around these spellings in school also, but it is vital that they learn the words and their definitions.

During this year I will keep you up-to-date with your child’s learning. Look out on our class page for news and examples of your child’s fantastic work.


arithmetic 2017 with online help

Arithmetic with online help

Reasoning paper 2 with online help

Reasoning paper 3 with online help

2017 Arithmetic Paper

2017 reasoning paper

2017 reasoning paper 3

Thank you to the 9 parents who attended the KS2 SATS meeting yesterday afternoon. If you were unable to make it, please see below a copy of the presentation and the booklet we handed out to parents. 

Visit to Kirkby Library and Gallery

Class 6SD have been using the book, 'The Day the Crayons Quit', to write letters. One day they came into class to learn that their chairs had quit! The children had to write letters to the chairs to persuade them to come back - in the meantime, they had to lie on the floor and under the desks to do their work. I think they were desperate for the chairs to come back because we got some really well- written letters to the poor chairs!

The Day the Chairs Quit!