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Design and make your own ancient Greek mosaic.


Traditionally, the ancient Greeks would use small pieces of coloured glass or tiles to make their mosaics. However, follow the steps below to make your own version. 


  1. Sketch out an image/design of your choice (there are some ideas below to help you).
  2. Cut different coloured pieces of paper or card into equal-sized squares (if you don't have these, why not colour in pieces of plain paper). Your squares should be roughly 1cm by 1cm but they can be bigger or smaller depending on the size of your sketch.
  3. Place the squares onto your sketch, leaving equal-sized spaces between the coloured squares to create your desired design.
  4. Once you are happy, glue them into place.


Alternatively, in your home-learning packs you have blank templates for mosaic designs. Why not colour these in to create your mosaic.


For an authentic Greek mosaic, do some research on which colours and designs were most common during the Ancient Greek period.