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For Art this term, we were supposed to be studying the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt.


He used a lot of different styles within his paintings and drawings - with a range of colours.


For art today, I would like you to read the fact file attached below about Gustav, so you can understand his style of Art and why he became an artist.


I would then like you to look at the photos attached below of his paintings and pick one that is your favourite. I would like you to recreate this painting at home.


You can draw the painting and colour it in using felt tips/crayons/colouring pencils, you could paint it (if you're lucky enough to have paints at home), you could just draw it without colouring it in OR you could use different materials to make the picture by sticking them onto paper to create a collage-type image.


Be creative, there is no "I have did this wrong, it doesn't look like his" it is YOUR picture.