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Like I mentioned last week, for Art this term, we were supposed to be studying the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt.


Last week I asked you to research about the artist and have a look at some of his paintings.


This week, I would like you to focus on one painting in particular, his "Tree of Life painting".


Klimt combined lots of different patterns and colours to make his own "Tree of Life".


All you will need as a base for your painting is to draw/sketch/paint a brown tree or you could even create a tree by tracing the shape onto cardboard and cutting it out. 


You will then need to make you branches in the same curly shape that he has used. After that, the picture is up to you.


Have a look at some of the work below as inspiration - a lot of children include what is important to them on their tree of life (using the names of friends as branches, drawing their favourite things onto branches) which might be a nice idea for you to do.


You could even draw your family members onto each branch to show your family tree! 





Have fun and be creative!


Please send photos to our twitter of your "Tree of Life" I would LOVE to see them!