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Art & Design

For today's Art and Design activity, I would like you to have a look at building structures.


When making a structure, you may find that some are strong and others are not.

There are simple rules that can be followed to make structures strong.

Ensure that the base is wider than the top.

Offset the way blocks are stacked so that gaps don't run down the whole structure - look at house bricks to get a better idea.

Use triangles where possible - take a look at a bridge or pylon and you may see lots of triangles there to add strength to the structure.


Click the link below to watch videos to help you understand how to make a structure stronger.


Have a go at the following activities - choose between...


Using materials from around the house, have a go at building your own bridge.

It needs to be strong enough to hold up a toy vehicle, so think about what you have learnt about strong shapes and structures and add this into your design.


Or have a go at building a self-supporting dome using straws, glue and scissors.