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Attendance is the biggest barrier to learning for any child and it is vitally important that all children attend school.


Children that attend school on a regular basis not only have the best chance in life, but have a better opportunity to achieve & succeed. Attendance is key to improving your child’s physical, social & emotional well being.


St Marie’s Catholic primary school boasted the highest average attendance rate in Kirkby during the last academic year of 96.3% (2014-2015)


St Marie's current school attendance as from April 2016 is currently 96.8% frown


The national average attendance rate is currently 96.2%.


Awards & Prizes

  • The class with the best average attendance at the end of term will receive a pizza party. All children will be able to enjoy a pizza with their favourite toppings! Mmm
  • The class with the best annual attendance rate will be take part in a fun filled bonanza day including ten pin bowling and a visit to an adventure playground.
  • We have introduced hot spot days where children will have the chance to win educational gifts for their classes for continued excellent attendance.
  • We will also continue with our half termly attendance celebration assemblies. Certificates, Raffle prizes (children & Parents/carers), class prizes will be implemented as rewards.
  • An ice cream party awaits the top attended class in September this term.


We fully appreciate the continued support from our parents & carers in playing a key role with our ever growing attendance rates.


We will continue updating our attendance display in school on a weekly basis to enable children to monitor their class weekly attendance


Current Annual Attendance Rates as from (Sept 2015- April 2016)

Reception- 94.2%

Year 1/R- 95.1%

Year 1/2- 95.9%

Year 2- 97%

Year 3I- 97.4%

Year 3S- 96.9%

Year 4- 96.2%

Year 5D- 98%

Year 5S- 97.3%

Year 6C- 97.9%

Year 6H- 96.8%