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Come and See

Today children, we have two come and see activities for you. Learning Focus 1 & 2


LEARNING FOCUS 1: Jesus had a human family like ours.

Matthew begins with a family tree.  He wants his Jewish listeners to know that Jesus is a descendant of Abraham and David, the great king.

This text from the beginning of the Gospel of Matthew tells us about some of the important people in Jesus’ family, mainly from the Old Testament.  There are many more; not all of them are mentioned here.



  1. Which names do you recognise?
  2. What do you know about them?
  3. Why do you think Matthew started his gospel with this list? (to show that Jesus descended from Abraham and David)
  4. What do you think it tells us about Jesus?




  • Using the scripture from God’s Story 3 page 69, design a family tree for Jesus. 




LEARNING FOCUS 2:  The story of Abraham, the father of a great nation, who trusted God.

Abraham is the first person mentioned in Jesus’ family tree.  God chose him to be the father of Gods chosen people.  The word Abram means great father.  Later on, God called him Abraham which means father of a great nation because he was going to have many descendants.  Abraham said Yes to God and followed where God led him.  He lived in a tent in the desert with his wife Sarah.  Tell the story of Abraham.  Gods Story 3 page 12. Genesis 12: 1-8, 18 Abraham and Genesis 21: 1-7; The promised Son: Isaac.

Normally we would listen to John Burland’s song  Abraham adapted from Genesis 12,15,17. We don't have the music but we do have the lyrics.


God called a very special man

To be the Father of his clan.

He shouted out to Abraham,

“I will be your God!”

God called a very special man.


Abraham moved far away

To a land that God did say.

God promised that he would be

The Father of a family.


His family would be someday

A family who’d try to obey

God’s laws of justice and of love

And share the Kingdom from above.


So Abraham and Sarah, too,

Believed in God and told this truth:

There is one God who made us all,

So listen well and hear his call.


©2013, John Burland



  1. What did God ask of Abraham?
  2. What did God promise?
  3. What does this tell us about God?
  4. What do you think of Abraham?


  1. Using the information given, describe how Abraham and Sarah lived out their lives by saying ‘yes’ to God and give reasons for their actions.
  2. Compose a video using puppets to retell Abraham’s story.