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E-Safety for Parents

Support for online learning at home

At St. Marie's we teach the children about using technology, Safely, Responsibly and Respectfully; this session highlighted to us all, the importance of teaching our children how to navigate it safely.

I have attached links to some video clips that were shown in the session.


This one highlights the importance of knowing exactly who your child is engaging with online.


This one is about Sharenting: a term used to describe the overuse of social media by parents to share content based on their children. Have you ever stopped and thought about how your child feels about you posting images of them online?


This website has a lot of information about internet safety: you can download leaflets and there is an app you can play against your child


Best advice:

Take an interest in what your children are doing online - you can learn from them.

Be vigilant.

If you use social media, model safe and responsible practice for your children to emulate.


Remember you have the parental wisdom!