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Punctuation and Grammar

For today's grammar and punctuation activity, I would like you to have a go at a little revision activity. In the document attached below, there are 3 punctuation and grammar revision activities, just do one of them.  If you find SPAG difficult, try out the first sheet, if you find it tricky only sometimes, try the second and if you find it easy, try the last sheet! It is up to you! 


You'll need to revisit verbs, prefixes and determiners.


A verb is a doing word - jumping, singing, dancing, running. 

A prefix is a word which is put in front of a root word to change the meaning like - 

un-  means not, so if you put un- in front of any root word like kind or friendly - it becomes unfriendly or unkind. 

A determiner is word which modifies a noun within a sentence, giving it more context for the reader. For instance, “this chair” or “my book”. (This can be tricky - I have attached below a determiner word mat to try and help you understand) (Just have a go)


The answers are also in the document so you or your guardian can have a go at marking your activity!