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For today's English lesson, you will be focusing on recounts and will understand what a recount is.



recount is when you describe an event that you’ve experienced to someone who wasn’t there.

You could recount anything. For example: a day at school, a sports game you took part in or even a dream you had.


Click the link below and watch the videos about what a recount is.


Then take part in the activity of filling in the gaps in different sentences.


Then watch the video about Olympian  Gemma Gibbons describing how she became top of her game in judo.

She is recounting the events in her life which led to her success.  

Complete the worksheet attached where you will make some notes on Gemma's video and her journey to the Olympics - you can use this to write a recount as Gemma or a recount of your own journey to winning a football match, winning a dance competition, a trip you had or a fun day at school!