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Today's English activity is all about subordinating conjunctions! 


Conjunctions like 'because', 'if', 'while' and 'until'.


These are called subordinating conjunctions because they link a main clause and a subordinate clause together in a sentence.


Subordinating conjunctions help to add the extra information that tells us when, why or where something happens.

For example: Laura smiled because dancing was fun!

  • 'Laura smiled' is the main clause. It makes sense all on it's own.

  • 'Because dancing was fun' is the subordinate clause. It adds additional information to the main clause and wouldn't make sense on its own.

  • 'Because' is the subordinating conjunction. It helps to add the extra information to explain why Laura was smiling


Click the link below to watch the videos about subordinating conjunctions and then complete the activity below where you will have to choose a subordinating conjunction to add to the sentence.


Use the word mat below to help you understand a few examples! 


After, Although, As, Because, Unless - these are some examples!