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Friday 17th April

Good morning,


Today we are going to listen to some music. The piece is called Flight of the Bumblebee and it was composed by Rimsky Korsakov. 


While you are listening to the music get a piece of paper, the bigger the better and trace your pencil all around the page to the music. You are pretending to be the Bumblebee in flight.

It really does sound like a bumblebee flying around doesn't it!


Next I would like you to research and find out five facts about the queen bee and write them down in a sentence. Don't forget your capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop to show you have finished your sentence.


Can you find out more than five? Please post your facts on our twitter page.


Lastly we are going to do some estimating, follow the link below to complete the activity.



Have fun!