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Fun Family Friday (Project)!


Design your own cafe at home!


Today’s family task is to design your own cafe


Some ideas to get you started...


1. First, you will need to think of a name.

2. Secondly, where in your house will the cafe be located and how will it be arranged.

3. Staff Delegation

4. Design a menu (remember to do this knowing you have the ingredients at home to provide for your customer).

5. Price List

6. Entertainment

7. Shift patterns.


These are just a few ideas but it’s your family cafe so run it using a method that works best for all your family members.


Remember, this isn’t a task to be done alone so make sure you are delegating out jobs for people to do to make everything fair.


Good luck! 

I cannot wait to see what you come up with! Remember to tweet me @stmarieskirkby with your wonderful cafes!


Another week done Year 5/6!


Keep up the hard work. I am so proud of you all! 


Miss Farrelly xxx