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Friday 3rd April

It's Friday! I hope you are all enjoying your home learning. I am very proud of how hard you are working. Keep up the good work!


Daily PE

30 Minute PE session with Joe- Link on our home learning page 


Go on an adventure inside or outside finding different items! You or a family member could hide some items and go on a scavenger hunt to collect them. E.g. A photo of someone you love, your favourite toy, a book with the letter ‘L’ on.

Set a timer- You may have to jump, bend or run! Will you find them all?



Daily phonics- your child to practice their sounds and blend words

Complete sheet in pack

Ruth Miskin is also doing a daily phonics lesson on Facebook and Youtube for children to watch at home and practice speed sounds. Details attached at bottom of this page. – Choose a game!



Daily Maths-White Rose

Lesson 5- Make arrays

Can you make your own array in the kitchen? Find an object and place into rows.




Purple Mash- Log in and find the tab that says ‘Serial Mash’. Click on ‘Diamonds’ and choose the book 'Ned and the Jungle Animals'. Read chapter 5 and answer the questions in our quiz. Can you get 3/3?

Can you try to sequence the story?




For our final day on animals I would like you to draw your favourite zoo animal you have researched this week. Can you write as many adjectives (describing words) to describe your animal as possible? Remember to use your beautiful handwriting!


Creative time

Can you make your own family tree? Talk with your child about how your family link. You could share some photographs and work out how to draw lines to connect all of your family! Make it as creative as you like using paint, coloured paper and pictures! Could you share this with your family for them to celebrate your work?



Can you write a postcard or letter? Re-cap on your home address and practice writing in full. 

Where do you live? What things are in your local area? E.g. shops, parks, swimming baths etc. 

I live at ….

In my local area there is..




Can you build with Lego or blocks?

Can you make a dance routine or sing a song?

Play a game with a family member

Draw or colour

Write a card to someone to brighten their day

Mindfulness picture

Try the Just Dance routine- I like to move it along with the zoo animals!


Enjoy your weekend!


Miss Edwardson