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If we were in school at the moment, in Geography we would be comparing Kirkby and Liverpool in general to other areas of England and areas across the world.


For today's activity, I would like you to compare Kirkby (or if you live outside Kirkby - that is fine - just your local area) to a place in England called Whitby.


In the activity, you need to use the internet (or T.V. weather reports) to compare what our weather is like, with the weather in Whitby.


It may be very different or very similar - but this will show you that just because England is one country, it does not mean all the towns and cities across England will have the same weather conditions.


Even for me, I do not live in Kirkby - I live near Liverpool City Centre and last Thursday when I was in school, there was not a cloud in the sky and it was 20 degrees! But when I drove back to my house, the sky was cloudy and it was slightly windy! 


Let me know what you find out about Whitby smiley