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For Geography today, I would like you to focus on learning about Weather and Climate.


Weather is a description of what the conditions are like in a particular place. For example, it could be:

  • hot or cold
  • wet or dry
  • windy or calm
  • stormy, with thunder and lightning.



What is climate?

Climate is a description of the average weather conditions in a certain place for the past 30 or so years.

Different areas of the world have different climates.

Climate is influenced by lots of different things, including:

  • how near or far it is from the Equator
  • how near or far it is from the sea
  • how high or low the ground is
  • its position on a continent


Click the link below to watch two videos about Weather and Climate.


After that, complete the activity below about the Weather and Climate in different countries and continents around the world! You will have to research some information about the different places and their climate/weather to help you!