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Did the Romans conquer Scotland?

Home learning focus

Find out how and why the Romans came to Scotland.

This lesson includes:

  • three videos about the Romans in Scotland

  • two activities to build knowledge and understanding


By the end of the first century AD, Rome had most of southern Britain under its control.

However, it was a different story in Scotland - this was a much wilder place, still controlled by fierce warrior tribes who refused to bow to the Roman Empire.

The Romans wanted Scotland because:

  • Scotland had valuable natural resources, like lead, silver and gold
  • the Romans could get rich by charging taxes to the people they conquered and forcing them to become slaves
  • the Romans came for ‘the glory of Rome’ and wanted to conquer new lands and make their empire even bigger and better

The Scottish tribes weren't about to give up their lands without a fight.

Follow this link for the activities.