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Ancient Greek Olympics.


Over the next few days, I would like you to work on a project all about the Ancient Greek Olympic Games. You will need to think about:


  • Where did the Olympic Games begin?
  • When did they begin?
  • Did the winners earn a prize?
  • What sporting events were held at the ancient games?
  • Who was allowed to attend/take part?
  • What was the 'sacred truce?'
  • How often were the games held?
  • Differences/similarities between the ancient and modern Olympics.
  • Any other interesting facts/figures.


As Year 6, it is up to you to decide whether to produce a poster, booklet, information leaflet, PowerPoint or video for your project. Be as creative as you want! You can include subheadings, fact boxes, illustrations, pictures etc. There are some websites below to help you get started.