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History Activity

Comparing your childhood with childhoods of the past


When we had our talk about "Why should we do what we are told" in our last week of school, a lot of you told me about what is taken away from your when you are in trouble and were shocked to hear that I got certain tv channels taken off me when I was younger and in trouble.


I want you to interview someone in your house who is older than you - not a sibling who is older by a few years! (or facetime/call someone in your family) and ask them these questions about their childhood.


When you have interviewed your family member, answer the questions yourself, how does your childhood compare to theirs? 


1. What was your favourite thing to do as a child?

2. What was your favourite thing to watch on T.V?

3. What music did you listen to?

4. What was your favourite toy?

5. What was your favourite sweet/chocolate?

6. What was your favourite fast food? Did you like McDonalds?

7. What chores did you do around the house?


I would LOVE to see some answers!


If you do not have anyone in the house to compare childhoods with - take a look at my answers and compare my answers with yours!


1. My favourite thing to do as a child was read Jacqueline Wilson books or draw!

2.  My favourite thing to watch on T.V. was the Disney Channel - I loved Hannah Montana and That's So Raven!

3. I listened to a lot of the Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana and High School Musical.

4. My favourite toy was my Baby Annabelle doll or my Nintendo D.S!

5. My favourite sweets were giant strawberries or milky way crispy rolls!

6. My favourite fast food was actually McDonalds - I used to get a hamburger happy meal!

7. I used to love doing chores - I used to clean the windows on my doors inside the house and wash dishes (that were not actually dirty, I used to love filling up my sink and pretending to wash cups!)