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For today's Maths activities, I would like us to revisit perimeter. 


Perimeter is the distance all the way around the shape.


A rectangle is a 4 sided shape, the sides are not all the same length. If one side of the rectangle is 5cm and the parallel side to that is also 5cm and the other two sides are 10cm each, you can work out the perimeter by adding 5+5+10+10 which =30cm


Watch the video on White Rose which looks like this by clicking the link below:

Unfortunately, White Rose have removed access to their free worksheets.


When you have finished watching the video, complete the worksheets below.


If you think perimeter is difficult and would prefer to answer questions about rectangles on a grid, choose worksheet 1 (perimeter of rectangles - grid)


If you think perimeter is sometimes ok, sometimes hard, choose worksheet 2 which is a mix of rectangles and squares on a grid and not on a grid.


If you think perimeter isn't hard at all, choose worksheet 3 where you will have to workout the perimeter of lots of different shapes.