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For today's Maths activity - I would like you to revisit Area (counting squares inside a shape).


The area of a shape is the amount of space taken up by a 2D shape (or the amount of squares inside the shape).


We were very good at working out area when we learnt about it in school! 


For example, look at the image below.


This blue square has 25 squares inside of it, so the area of this square is 25cm! 


Watch the video on White Rose which looks like this by clicking the link below and clicking the video which looks like this (Lesson 4 - area - counting squares) :




Unfortunately, White Rose have removed access to their free worksheets.


When you have finished watching the video, complete the worksheets below.


If you find area tricky, please complete worksheet 1.


If you do not find area tricky, please complete worksheet 2.