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Comparing mass


Home learning focus

Learn how to compare mass in grams and kilograms using the greater than, equal to and less than signs.

This lesson includes:

  • a learning summary
  • one worksheet
  • one interactive activity


The mass of an object tells you how heavy something is. You use grams (g) and kilograms (kg) to measure mass.

  • Grams are used when you weigh a lighter item, like an apple or banana.

  • Kilograms are used when measuring the mass of a heavier object, like a box of toys or yourself.

1000 g = 1 kg

Top tip

You can use the greater than (>) , equal to (=) or less than (<) signs to help you compare the mass of two objects.

Don’t forget, the tip of the arrow always points to the smaller number.


Use this link to access the BBC Bitesize website to learn more.