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Good morning nursery children!


It's such a shame we can't spend our last week of this half term in class together. I will miss you all but there is plenty to keep you busy at home today below.


Enjoy and take care.


Mrs Wignall x


In our phonics lessons we have been focussing on alliteration. We have been practising listening to sounds at the beginning of our names, animals, colours and other words and hearing the differences between them. 


  • Sound bag activityPlace objects with the same initial sound in a bag or box and pull them out one at a time, saying the initial sound. eg sock, spoon, scissors, sweets, stick




  • Go on a hunt for the numeral '1' in your house. Can you find it on a phone, TV remote, food packaging, toys etc.
  • Practise writing '1' in the air, then on paper.
  • One wonderful world and one me! Learn all about the number 1 with Numberblock One here:




  • Read stories written by the famous author, Julia Donaldson, if you have them at home. You can also watch some of them if you click on the following links:




Visit ‘The Gruffalo’ website

  • Listen to the Gruffalo song, learn the ‘Monkey Puzzle’ song in makaton and dance along to the ‘Gruffalo’s Child’ song. There are also some great interactive games in the play and explore area. Colour your own Gruffalo using the paint game, create your own monster on monster maker and much more.



Physical Development

Easy, fun yoga designed specially for young children - with songs, nursery rhymes and simple stories: