Jigsaw Scheme

In St Marie’s our PSHE curriculum is adapted to meet the needs and abilities of all pupils in our inclusive environment. We want our children to enjoy PSHE lessons and be enthusiastic about applying the skills they learn to their everyday lives. We offer every opportunity to ensure that all of our pupils get the support and help that they need in order to reach their full potential and become the citizens of tomorrow.

A clear and comprehensive scheme of work is used in line with the National Curriculum. (Jigsaw PSHE & RSE-Journey of Love.) PSHE to be taught weekly ensuring one topic is covered each half term. This will be evidenced through class learning journals. Cross-curricular links are made regularly with other core subjects. P4C and Picture News to be used as links. Introductory Assemblies for each new theme generating a whole school focus. PSHE Working Walls throughout school focus on key aspects of PSHE and exemplify the terminology used throughout the teaching of PSHE, BV and SMSC, which enables pupils to make links across the wider curriculum. Celebration of children’s & staff’s work at the end of each unit.

Jigsaw PSHE is taught through six core themes. Please click on the links below to find resources for each unit.