Learning to Read

Learning to read is one of the most fundamental skills that your child will learn during their time at St Marie’s. We promote a ‘Reading for Enjoyment’ ethos and children are constantly surrounded by books. Each class has its own library area.  We want children to become immersed in books and develop a love of reading from their first day in Nursery and are given a reading book as soon as they begin Reception.

We follow the ‘Read Write Inc’ programme which teaches children sounds (phonemes) and blending sounds for reading.

In these sessions, children are taught phonemes in fun and active activities and are encouraged to blend to read - children recognise a sound, hear it, say it and blend each of them together to make a word. Children also participate in a variety of daily reading activities, reinforcing the blending for reading skills.

Oxford Reading Tree is the reading scheme which is used throughout the school. They are fun and stimulating books which the children really enjoy.

Children regularly read to adults in school during Guided Reading, whole class sessions and one to one sessions. Reading is continually assessed and monitored and additional support given to those children who need it. The recent addition of ‘Big Cat’ book resources have proved popular amongst the children and has added a new dimension to the variety of books that we offer.

Within classes, children are given the time and the opportunity to fully immerse themselves into their chosen book through silent reading. We find this models good behaviour for learning and shares the message that reading is for everyone.

We recognise that parent partnership is a crucial tool in a child’s progress. We encourage children to read their home/school reading book every evening and record progress in their reading log book.


Click this link to discover all you need to know about the Liverpool Readathon that we are taking part in.