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For today's PSHE activity,


I would like us to have a look at Fixed Mindsets and Growth Mindsets.


When we were in school, we had a look at helpful thinking and unhelpful thinking which were the same as growth mindset and fixed mindset.


For example:

 If you were doing a Maths problem that you find difficult...


If you have a fixed mindset (unhelpful thinking) you might:

Say "I can't do this", close your book and not try again.

Not put your hand up to get help.

Say "I'm stupid" and give up.


If you have a growth mindset (helpful thinking) you might:

Say "This is tricky but I will try and use a different method"

Ask a friend for help.

Ask a teacher for help.

Say "I am good at Maths, this will just take a little bit longer to solve"


For the activity

Firstly, watch the YouTube video below which explains how a Growth Mindset works.

Secondly, read through the Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset document.

Finally, complete the goal setting activity which will help you develop your Fixed Mindset into a Growth Mindset.




Growth Mindset