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Punctuation and Grammar

For today's punctuation and grammar activity, I would like you to have a look at pronouns. 


A pronoun is  a word which replaces a noun.

"Helen, Tom and Nadia decided to share Helen's, Tom's and Nadia's toys" sounds very repetitive! 


It's much better English to say, "Helen, Tom and Nadia decided to share their toys." 

The word 'their' is a pronoun, like 'he' and 'his', 'she' and 'her', 'you' and 'your', and 'I' and 'my'. Other pronouns include 'it'.


The majority of people naturally use pronouns when speaking. It certainly helps to use them in your writing as it shortens what might be a very lengthy sentence!


Watch/read the powerpoint below about pronouns if you find the idea of them tricky to understand. 

Then complete the worksheet below - there is a word mat with lots of pronouns on it to help you!