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For today's English activity, we are going to have a look at using a thesaurus.


Again, do not panic if you don't have a thesaurus at home - I don't! I use the online thesaurus! 


If you look up a word in a thesaurus it will show you a list of synonyms. These are other words that mean the same thing or something similar to the word you have looked for.

One of these synonyms might be a better way of saying what you want and you could use it instead.

For example: ‘Starving’ describes how the man in the video is feeling better than ‘hungry’.


How to use a thesaurus

thesaurus is set out in alphabetical order, like a dictionary, so you look up words in the same way.

For example: If you wanted to find another word for ‘nice’ in a thesaurus:

  • You start by finding the words beginning with ‘n’, then ‘n-i’, then ‘n-i-c’ until you eventually narrow it down to ‘n-i-c-e’.

  • You'll then see lots of other words that mean the same as 'nice' that you can use in your writing.

  • Choose one, such as 'lovely' or 'pleasant'.


Click the link below and watch the 1st video on the website which explains what a thesaurus is and how to use it.


Then complete the "Using a thesaurus" activity below using the online thesaurus, which I have also linked below!