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Sunday 1st November 2020

Dear Parents


Here is this week's Children's Liturgy (


Children’s Liturgy for Feast of All Saints (1st November)

We are called to be saints, shining in this world like stars. The Gospel is told using images from and The music is “Draw m...

) which celebrates the Feast of All Saints


As you will know, November, is the time we pray for all who have died in a special way. In the past we have had a wall in school where we could write people's name but this is obviously not possible this year. There is,  however, a box in church where written names can be placed, and there is also a book of prayer being kept. If you have names that you wish to be placed in this then please do let us know.


We are facing a difficult time, especially in the light of a second lockdown,  but please be assured that there can always be help for those who need it. P

lease do get in contact if you need assistance of any sort.


With our prayer throughout it all

Fr David and Monica