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‘Walking hand in hand with Jesus’

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Sunday 3rd May 2020

Dear Parents


We have come to the Fourth Sunday of Easter on which we are always presented with an image of Jesus the Good Shepherd. The other side of this image, of course is that we the Church are the flock of sheep! In other words, we are defenceless against the attack of the wolf, we have an overriding inclination to follow each other—and not to listen to the voice of the shepherd—and in our stupidity we find ourselves caught in barbed wire, trapped in holes, and in danger of falling over the cliff!If we can translate those images into our own lives then we are coming into right relationship with Jesus. He is the one who is saving my life and gathering me into his personal embrace, which always includes gathering us into the Church which is the place of safety.


This is our hope through this video, that the children get a sense of the God who does care  and wants to protect them.

Please so try and find time to watch the video  and spend some time in prayer together as a family


Children’s Liturgy for 4th Sunday of Easter (Good Shepherd Sunday)

Jesus tells us that he is the Good Shepherd who looks after his sheep. He knows them, calling each one by name and they recognise his voice and follow him. W...


With prayer and blessing

Fr David and Monica

Dear Parents

Here is the link for the Mass led by Fr Rob

I found his homily particularly hopeful and encouraging this week.



Take care and God bless