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Thursday 16th April

Good morning


Today we are going to investigate how bees pollinate the different flowers helping them grow. 



Yesterday we learned all about bees and how they make honey and drink nectar from flowers to make honey. So, of course  when the bee is sitting on the flower, pollen gets stuck to his legs. When he flies to another flower the pollen on his legs falls off on that flower and that’s how seeds are made.



So first of all you will need to draw three different pictures of a flower. Then put a little bowl or cup on top of the first picture and put flour in. You could also use cheesy crisps, anything which will leave some powder on your fingers. This is the pollen inside the flower. 


Your fingers are the buzzy bee. 


Now make sure you get lots of pollen (flower or cheesy dust from crisps) on your fingers (legs of the buzzy bee) then fly and land on the other flowers. 


Can you see how the pollen mixes from flower to flower?


That's how bees help create beautiful flowers!


Please take pictures of your experiment and show me on twitter!


Have fun