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Good morning nursery children!


Looks like another rainy morning! Here are some activities to help keep you busy. When the weather gets a bit better this afternoon, try and get out for a walk as some of today's jobs include looking and listening outside.


If you do any of today's tasks, don't forget to share it on our Twitter page at and tag @StMariesKirkby so I can see!



Take care,


Mrs Wignall x




  • Practise saying and writing some of the sounds that we have already looked at  (m,a,s,d, t, i, n, p, g, o, c, k, u, b, f, e, l, h, r, j, v, y, w, z, qu, x, sh, th, ch ng and nk)




  • Go for a walk and ask your child to listen to the sounds each mode of transport makes. Discuss the rhythm and volume of each sound.




  • Sit with your child and look out the window. Count how many vehicles they can see. Sort them in different ways such as: size, colour, etc.




  • During your walk discuss with your child the things they see. Ask them to note the different transports. When you get home, ask them to recount the events from your journey in order.




  • Your child can draw pictures and can write simple words/sentences (with support) about their walk journey. What did they see and hear? E.g 'a red car', 'big bus' etc.



Communication and Language

  • Follow the instructions game - ● Give instructions to guide each other around the house/garden i.e. forward two steps, turn left, forward two more steps. ● Can you support your child in drawing a map to show the way around the house? CHALLENGE: Work with your child guiding Bee Bot to the flower here:  Use the arrows and press ‘Go!’