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Thursday 21st

smiley Thursday smiley


Hello Nursery friends,


I hope you enjoyed the lovely sunny warm weather outside yesterday. 

Have a go at today's new tasks below smiley


Take care,


Mrs Wignall x





  • Practise saying and writing the sounds that we have looked at this week (m,a,s,d, t & i)
  • Play Phonics Pop with the sounds we have looked at here-
  • Once you have selected the sounds (you must select at least three sounds), click ‘Go’. Ask your child to listen to the new sound and click these to pop them. Also try and catch the aliens.





Speaking and Listening/Writing

Develop listening skills by encouraging your child to listen to some of this BBC School Radio episode about sports-

  • Pause after each sound. Do they recognise what the noise/sport/activity is? Have they ever done/seen this activity?
  • Afterwards, children to draw a picture of their favourite sport/ activity that they remember from the recording. CHALLENGE: Support them in writing the name of the activity i.e football, swimming etc



Encourage your child to jump, hop or skip using positional language

  • Give them directions as they do this e.g. jump up and down 10 times inside the hoop, skip forwards for 10 seconds, hop from side to side.



Create your own Junk Modelled Football Pitch

● Using a lid of a shoe box or similar container, help your child to cut out two holes on each end as the goals. If you have green card or paper, stick this in the base, if not you can colour in plain paper using a crayon. Draw out the marking on the pitch using crayons or felt tips. When finished, stand your football pitch on a box on the table. Using something ball-like (e.g. a sweet), take turns aiming at your partner’s goal whilst the other tries to save the goal. If you score you get to eat the sweet!