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Thursday 26th March

Hello again! I hope you are all well


Here are a few more tasks to keep you busy.


Eric Carle is reading the very hungry caterpillar on youtube! Follow the link below to listen to the author read his own story smiley


I hope you enjoyed making your invitations to the butterfly ball yesterday. Did you have a dance around in your masks?


Today I would like you to go into the garden and see what flower you like the best. What flower would you rest on if you were a butterfly? Pick one than draw it. 


Then write me a sentence about why you like the flower, because it is pretty, because of the colour, shape, etc. Remember to sound out each word and write them down. Look at the letter formation sheet I have added below if you are unsure on some of the letter shapes. 


When you have finished your picture and sentence please post it on twitter @stmaries so I can see them!


Your final task for today will be to count and write the numbers to 15 can you write and recognise them all?


Don't forget to add to your diary to. Thinking Thursday. Think about change, introduce a big giant exciting word............ metamorphosis!


Remember I'd love to see any of your work and you having fun at home so please post on out school twitter page.


Have a lovely day