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Tuesday 19th

smiley Tuesday smiley


Good morning Nursery children,


Happy Tuesday! Here are today's tasks, enjoy!



Mrs Wignall x



*Don't forget to share any of the work you have been doing on our school twitter page on and tag @StMariesKirkby so I can see*




Watch the following short videos all about the 's' and 'd' sounds: 



  • Practise saying and writing these sounds
  • Go on a scavenger hunt around your house to find things that begin with these sounds e.g, sunglasses, scissors, dog, doll. Take a picture of the things you find or draw these items.





Play positional language Hide and Seek-

  • Choose a selection of items and hide them. Ask your child to count out loud while you’re doing this. Give them clues about the positions of the objects, e.g. it’s under the chair, it's next to the table, it's behind the toybox etc



Listen to interactive stories linked to sport, including this Peppa Pig one:

  • Talk about how the characters are feeling when they win/lose.
  • Draw a picture to show how the characters are feeling.


Physical Development

Ball game 

  • Talk about how we hold our hands out (not too far apart), ready to catch a ball and how we always keep an eye on the ball.
  • Play a game of catch with a ball- when you drop the ball, you lose a point.
  • You could record points using a tally chart and count up who has the most points at the end.
  • CHALLENGE: See if you can catch the ball standing further apart, catch with one hand or use a smaller ball.