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Tuesday 28th April

Good morning Year 1,


Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a lovely day yesterday and your activities made you smile smiley Enjoy your day of learning and remember you are doing amazing!


Daily PE

30 Minute PE session with Joe- Link on our home learning page 


Go on a scavenger hunt on your daily walk. Can you find and tick off the items you can see?



Daily phonics- your child to practice their sounds and blend words

Complete sheet in pack – Choose a game!



Follow ‘White Rose Maths’. Try Lesson 2 ‘Find a quarter’ Watch the video and then click on the button that says 'Get the Activity' and complete the activity on the worksheet or in your exercise book.



Purple Mash- Log in and find the tab that says ‘Serial Mash’. Click on ‘Diamonds’ and choose the book ‘Red to the Rescue’. Read chapter 2 and answer the questions in our quiz. Can you get 3/3?

If you finish play pairs! Can you find matching pairs of all the things you have seen in the story?



National Academy: Did you enjoy listening to the story ‘Katie in London?' Follow the link to join in with your lesson for Tuesday!



Try BBC Bitesize: Introduction to the UK. You will learn all about the different countries in the UK and get involved with labelling them on a map. After that you can play a game joining pirate bunnies to explore the UK and the rest of the world!



Did you enjoy writing about all the things that make you amazing yesterday? I hope you had balloons full of wonderful writing all about you! We want to continue to keep ourselves smiling so I would like you to do something that makes you happy e.g. play your favourite game or choose some of your toys!

I have attached a link to Go Noodle-Poppin' Bubbles which made me smile! You can dance around and try and pop all the bubbles or you could try the bubbles of gratitude where you can write down everything you are thankful for (big or small).



Have a fantastic day!

Miss Edwardson x