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VE Day project

VE Day project


Today marks the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day (VE Day).


For your task today, I would like you to create a VE Day project. There are 3 tasks for you to complete below. Remember, you don't have to complete all of your project today, this is something you can work on over the next few days. There are links to websites below which will help you.


Task 1 - Write a fact file or information text about VE Day. Think about:


  • When and what is VE Day?
  • Why do we remember it?
  • How was VE Day celebrated in 1945?
  • Was VE Day the end of World War II?
  • What happened after World War II?
  • How is VE Day celebrated today?


Task 2 - Art


  • Sketch a portrait of a WWII soldier - what expression might they have on their face hearing the news of VE Day?
  • Using different shades of green, brown, black and orange paper and material, make a collage around their face to create a camouflage effect. You could cut up old cereal boxes, cardboard tubes, tissue paper etc. to add different textures to your work. If you don't have coloured paper or material, just use colouring pencils and shade. There are some pictures below from last year's class to give you some ideas.


Task 3 - Writing task (choose 1 of the following):


  • Imagine it is 8th May 1945 and you have just heard the radio broadcast by Winston Churchill announcing Germany's surrender. Write a diary entry conveying your thoughts, feelings and hopes for the future.
  • Write a letter to a friend or family member expressing your excitement about VE Day. You could include details about your plans for the future or how you are planning to celebrate VE Day.
  • Write a newspaper report which informs readers of the news of VE Day.