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Wednesday 17th June

Good morning Year 1,


Happy Wednesday smiley I hope you are well!


Today I would like you to think about our story ‘The Singing Mermaid’. If you could perform in the circus, what act would you like to do? Would you need any special skills for your act such as the ability to juggle, weight lift or balance?


Can you draw a picture and write a few sentences about your circus act?


For Maths today we will be learning how to share equally into twos, fives and tens! You could try taking part by separating items around your house into equal groups such as using fruit, vegetables or toys. 

Follow the BBC Bitesize link below.

Today I thought we would take part in a science lesson. Can you name the parts of the human body and our senses we use every day? Follow the link below to learn more and take part in some fun activities!


Remember to try do some exercise during your day in-between activities. You could try going for a walk, play games in your garden or do some P.E with Joe Wicks!



Have a lovely day! heart