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Wednesday 25th March

Welcome to Wednesday!


I hope your week is going well and you are all staying home and safe.


Your tasks for today are:-


To research the life cycle of a butterfly.

  • It starts with an egg growing. Why does it become fatter?
  • Caterpillar- Why does it wiggle? (It has no skeleton or bones, squeezes muscles)
  • Cacoon - What happens inside?
  • What comes out of the cacoon?
  • How long do butterflies live for?


Write in your diary for wiggle wiggle Wednesday. Dance in your room and wiggle like a caterpillar!


We made a butterfly mask yesterday that we could take to a ball. You can write an invitation to a butterfly ball today and pretend to have one in your house! You can wear your mask and dance about. Take some pictures of your beautiful butterfly ball invitations and your butterfly ball in your house or garden and send me them on our twitter page. I would love to see what you are up to smiley


The last task is to look at a page called phonics play. There are lots of great games to play and for now it is free. 

username march20

password home


My favourite is the pirate game. What's yours?


Miss Scott x