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Wednesday 29th April

Good morning Year 1,


I hope you are all well and enjoying your week so far! Please find below your activities for today which involve making your own feelings jar! Remember I would love to see your fantastic work and pictures on our twitter page smiley


Daily PE

30 Minute PE session with Joe- Link on our home learning page 


Try the Mario Kart Kids Workout!



Daily phonics- your child to practice their sounds and blend words

Complete sheet in pack – Choose a game!



Follow ‘White Rose Maths’. Try Lesson 3 ‘Find a quarter (2)’ Watch the video and then click on the button that says 'Get the Activity' and complete the activity on the worksheet or in your exercise book.



Purple Mash- Log in and find the tab that says ‘Serial Mash’. Click on ‘Diamonds’ and choose the book ‘Red to the Rescue’. Read chapter 3 and answer the questions in our quiz. Can you get 3/3?

If you finish can you design your own detective badge on the paint project?



National Academy: Follow the link for today’s English lesson. When Katie is in London, she visits lots of special places. In this lesson you are going to be learning about using capital letters for names!



Learn a new language! Try BBC- Spanish greeting with Ben Shires. This video introduces you to the Spanish language. You will learn some Spanish greetings with the help of Premier League footballers! Can you say hello to someone today in Spanish?




Create a feelings jar. This can be done with an empty jar/plastic bottle or any recycled item. Decorate your jar however you like with glitter, felt tip pens, paint etc.

Ask your child if they have anything they would like to put in the jar such as worries; feelings or happy memories (Write down on pieces of paper or use counters/pom poms and place them in the jar). This can be something you add to over your time at home to release any emotions and talk about things you are grateful for!



Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Miss Edwardson x