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Wednesday 8th April

Good morning


We are going to talk about 'good news' today.


Read the story with your child and ask them the following questions.


  • Why did Darren run out of school as fast as he could?
  • How did he feel?
  • What was Mummy doing?
  • What did she say to him?
  • How did he feel then? Why?
  • What did Darren have to tell his mum?
  • Who received the good news?
  • How did they receive the good news?
  • How did they feel?

You could collect items which have good news on them, postcards, letters, invitations, cards, etc and make a good news box.


You could draw a picture and write a sentence about your good news and share it on our twitter page. 


You can also create a good news jar and pop one thing in you are grateful for that day making a good news jar you can read together at a later date.