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Week Beginning 1st June

New Half Term! Monday's Work Below

Welcome back after a two week half term! I hope you all enjoyed your time in the sun with your families. Please find your learning activities for today below. As always I would love to see your hard work, so please send pictures to the school twitter account so I can see them!



Please join in with the daily RWI sessions on YouTube (link below). Each lesson is available for 24 hours so you can access it at whatever time is best for you. Each session has 3 parts which all link together, it would be fantastic if you completed each part. For set 1 sounds they should be completed in this order:

1. Speed sound lesson.

2. Word time lesson.

3. Spelling lesson.

If you are up for a challenge and already fully confident with your set 1 sounds (including writing words) you should access the set 2 sound and spelling lessons. I would be so pleased to see some of your fantastic writing, so if you could send it to the school twitter it would make me very happy.


Extra Challenge

Write a few sentences about what you got up to over half term. Did you go for a nice walk? Did you have a picnic? Did you play in your garden? Say your sentence aloud several times so you remember it before trying to write it. Sound out each word and use finger spaces to help you read your work back.



As well as your reading during your phonics sessions I would love if you could read a book at home with someone, can you sound out some of the words? Can you find any tricky words? You can also access e-books on the Oxford Owl website for free! You just need to create a log in. Follow the link below and sign yourself up and select age range 4-5 and get reading! I am challenging you to read a book, today try 'Everybody Worries'. Can you read the words by using Fred in your head?



Click on the link below for the Maths task for today. This week we are going to be focusing on the story 'The Snail and the Whale'. Find the link to the story (if you don't have the book at home) at the bottom of the page. 


Talk 4 Writing

We are starting a new unit this week! It is all about the adventures of Max, a black labrador. I had a black labrador when I was little, do you know anyone who has a labrador? Today I would like you to complete pages 2-5, listen to/read the story and answer the questions.


PSED/Listening and Attention/Understanding/Mindfulness

Click on the gonoodle link below and enjoy the video about melting/freezing. You need to listen carefully and follow the instructions. How do you feel afterwards? I love this video it makes me feel very relaxed. If you ever feel tense or frozen follow the tips in this video and melt one part of your body at a time.


Understanding the World

Watch the youtube video below that tells you all about our 5 senses. We've spoken about these in class before, could you remember any? Once you've watched the video go on a senses scavenger hunt! You can do this indoors or outdoors. I have attached a worksheet to help you below. I wonder what you will find? Send me some pictures to let me know.


Please find any links to websites I mention at the bottom of this page or on the main home learning page. 

Keep up the super work and keep sending me pictures to make me smile! I’ll be back tomorrow with more challenges for you all.
Take care, Miss Pinnington.

The Snail and the Whale- Maths Focus

What are the Five Senses?