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Week beginning April 27th

smileyDaily Learning Tasks smiley


Have a look at the 'Daily Timetable Tasks' tab for daily writing/reading/maths activities.



This week I would like morning nursery children to have a look at the daily Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc phonics lessons at


Each lesson is ten to fifteen minutes long and available for 24 hours.


Speed Sounds Set 1 - 

  • Set 1 Speed Sounds 9.30 am (BST)
  • Set 1 Word Time 9.45 am
  • Set 1 Spelling 10.00 am


All nursery children should have a go at the phase 1 phonics games at:



*Don't forget to share any of the work you have been doing on our school twitter page on and tag @StMariesKirkby so I can see*



Weekly learning project


The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about food. Learning may focus on where different foods originate from, what makes a healthy meal, opportunities to cook etc.



Friday 1st May


Teddy bears picnic-

This activity aims to promote your child’s early understanding of numbers and will focus on sharing. Find two teddies or soft toys for your child to invite to their teddy bears picnic. Collect an even number of objects to represent food, you could use real food or pretend. This food can then go into your picnic basket, this could just be a bag if you do not have a basket. Talk to your child about how you will share the food between the teddies so that it is fair. See if they can come up with any ideas themselves. Help them to share out the food between the teddies, if your child struggles with sharing, teach ‘one for you, one for me’. Discuss what each teddy has, how many has each teddy got? Is it fair?

To extend this activity you could make a sandwich for the teddies to share. Discuss how you could cut the sandwich to share between the teddies. Emphasize that both pieces must be the same size so that it is fair.



Thursday 30th April


The Very Hungry Caterpillar-

○ Follow the link below to listen to the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle or of you have the book read it together with your child.


○ Talk about the days of the week and what day it is today, what was yesterday and what day it will be tomorrow. Ask children to sing our nursery days of the week song to you.


○ Talk about the initial letter sounds at the beginning of each day e.g Mmmmm...Monday. Make a chart where children think of and draw food with the same initial letter sound e.g:

Monday... marshmallows 


Wednesday... watermelon

Thursday...three grapes




Wednesday 29th April


Play shops-

○ Write a pretend shopping list together, encouraging children to think about the initial letter sounds and write these, e.g 'm' for milk and 'a' for apples. Using toy food or old packaging, set up a food shop for your child to act out being the shopkeeper and you the customer then vice versa. You could introduce coins to support their developing knowledge of money. 


Fruit patterns-

○ Ask your child to choose two fruits or vegetables at a time and draw them in a repeating pattern e.g apple, strawberry, apple strawberry, apple, strawberry... or orange, banana, orange, banana, orange, banana...etc.

○Have a go at this complete the pattern game at:


Tuesday 28th April


Guess the food

○ Choose appropriate items of food from cupboard, e.g fruit, veg, bread. Use a blindfold or ask children to close their eyes and describe what the food feels like and then have them use their sense of smell to describe what the food smells like. Children to try and guess what the food is. After removing the blindfold, have them taste the food and describe what the food tastes like.


Possible vocabulary to use:

This food feels... This food smells... This food tastes...

smooth bumpy sweet smoky salty sour

rough cold strong burnt round sharp nice bad hard spiky

sweet bitter tangy delicious juicy nice


5 a day-

○ Support your child to create a food diary to record how many pieces of fruit and vegetables they eat in a day. They could write these using their phonics knowledge or draw a picture of each item.



Monday 27th April


Healthy/ Unhealthy-

○ Provide your child with a selection of items from your kitchen cupboards. Can they sort them into things that are healthy and unhealthy? Discuss why the food is good for you or bad for you.

Look at the Eatwell plate ( to help figure out which foods they should eat a lot of or not very much of.


Mark making in food-

○ Pour flour, rice or lentils into a shallow tray or plate. Show children how they can practise writing their name, other letters and numbers 0-10 in the food.



○ Discuss how exercise is an important part of staying healthy. Watch and complete a 10 minute shake up at: