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Week beginning April 6th

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The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about key animals they are interested in. Learning may focus on exploring the physical aspects of an animal, their habitat, categorising animals etc.


*Don't forget to share any of the work you have been doing on our school twitter page on and tag @StMariesKirkby so I can see*


Friday 10th April


Sing the song 'Sleeping Bunnies'-

The children sing this song with Miss Price on Fridays so they should already know it.

Sing the song ‘sleeping bunnies’ whilst your child pretends to be the sleeping bunny. When the song says “hop hop hop” encourage your child to hop around like a bunny and stop when you say stop. Sing the song again but this time change the animal. Let your child choose the animal and ask them what the animal does, for example stomp like an elephant or roar like a tiger. Encourage your child to move around like the animal.


Create a small world zoo-

Start by collecting all of the small animal toys you have, these don’t have to match and could include things like Peppa Pig toys. Use Lego, blocks or any suitable items of your choice to make a zoo, remember to add shelters and fences to keep your animals apart. Encourage your child to sort the animals into different enclosures. You could use Lego people to come and visit the zoo. Encourage your child to use their imagination and problem solving skills to create the zoo.

Chester Zoo has lots of information about their animals on the website. This could be a good talking point for you and your child.


Thursday 9th April


Find all of the animal books in your house-

○ Ask your child to look through the books in your house and to find any with animals on the front cover/inside. Ask them to sort the books into groups of their choice e.g. animals that can fly, swim, big, small, live on a farm/ at the zoo. Draw your favourite animal from these and ask a grown-up to help you write its name down.


Create an animal den-

○ Provide your child with blankets and sheets to make an animal den. Act out being an animal in the den.


Wednesday 8th April


Guess the animal game-

○ Take turns in thinking of an animal in your head.

Talk about the yes/no questions you could ask such as:


Does it have four legs?

Does it have wings?

Does it live in the farm/zoo

Do people have it as a pet? etc.


It will take a while for children to get the hang of this game so give it a go a few times a day and see how they get on.


Learn the song, ‘The Animals Went in Two by Two’ at:


○ Ask your child to draw out two of each animal and practise writing the numeral 2.



Tuesday 7th April


Big and small animals-

○ Draw as many big animals as you can on one piece of paper and as many small animals as you can on another sheet of paper. How many do we have in each group? Which group has the most? Can we write these numbers? Some children may be able to try and identify the initial sound in each animal's name and write it.


Identify the birds in your garden if you have one-


○ Use the RSPB bird identifier website at:


○ Draw a picture of the birds you can see.



Monday 6th April


Read the story, ‘Dear Zoo’ or watch the online video on Youtube - 


○ Visit the book’s website and play the interactive games at:


○ Add your own animals into the story e.g. So they sent me a...hedgehog, but he was too I sent him back.


○ Draw and label your favourite animal from the story.