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Week beginning March 30th


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The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about the area in which they live. Learning may focus on your local area, famous people, key landmarks and links to your city.



*Don't forget to share any of the work you have been doing on our school twitter page on and tag @StMariesKirkby so I can see*



Friday April 3rd


  • Explore your local Area- Go online and look at some of the landmarks from your local area. These could be local to where you live or landmarks in the city centre such as The Liver Buildings. Do they recognise the landmarks? What do they like about them? What do they notice about the buildings?



  • Build a local landmark- Use household junk to build a local landmark. Household junk could include empty cereal boxes, yogurt pots, egg cartons, toilet roll tubes or empty plastic bottles. These could be stuck together using glue or cellotape. Encourage your child to talk about how they are going to build the landmarks and what shapes they are using.



Thursday April 2nd


  • Use construction blocks to build your house-
    • Using lego, duplo, wooden blocks make a model of your house. Can they add in the rooms and doors in the right places? Model writing labels to match each room on pieces of paper.


  • Go on a sound hunt-
    • Set your child a sound hunt challenge around your house. Can they find and record all of the items that make sounds? (e.g. hairdryer, TV, fridge, microwave, phone).



Wednesday April 1st


  • Exploring with your senses-
    • Gather a collection of household objects e.g. fork, cup, toothbrush, teddy bear, book and show your child. Use a scarf/ material as a blindfold and pass your child one of the objects. Can they figure out what it is through touch alone? Give clues if they are struggling. Swap roles and ask your child to give you an object to figure out.


    • Explore the textures around your house. Can children find something rough, smooth, bumpy.They could take a wax rubbing of each texture (Lay a piece of paper over the top and rub over with the side of a crayon). You could continue this into the garden.


Tuesday March 31st


  • Help children to find your house on google maps-
    • Explore using google maps to look at your house from above and on street view. Use the arrows to move up and down the road and around your area. Can they find key places e.g. the closest shop, their school, grandparents houses.


  • Go on a shape hunt-​​​​​​​
    • Set your child a shape finding challenge around the house. Ask: Can you find a triangle/ square/ rectangle/ circle in this room? How many can you find? Can you draw all of the circles on one piece of paper, triangles on another etc.


Monday March 30th



  • The rooms in my house-
    • Support your child to create a map of their home. Can they name all of the rooms? An adult could hide an object in a room and mark where it is on the child’s map. Can they use their map to find the hidden object? 
    • Gather an object from each room and challenge your child to return them to the appropriate room e.g. toothbrush from the bathroom, teddy from their bedroom.
    • Hide objects around the room and describe where it is e.g. “it’s under something red” Can your child hide an object and describe where it is for you to find?


  • Go on a numeral hunt-
    • Search for numerals around the house (clocks, books, house numbers, car registrations, oven, washing machine). Can they record the numerals on paper?