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Hello my lovely little year 3's and 4's! I'm really missing teaching you all on Tuesday mornings but I know its very important for us all to stay safe at home at the moment. I will be updating this section of your website each week with some PSHE and Computing activities.  See you soon, Mrs Harkin xxx


Tuesday 24th March 2020

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Hi Year 3/4, this week for PSHE, I would like you to look at the Be Yourself activities! You are all unique in your own special ways! Lets embrace and celebrate that! Have a go at the activities, complete the activities in the best way you can. If you don't have a printer, you can do your answers on plain paper or mark up the document on your tablet. Or, if you cant do either of those, talk about your answers with your family.


Using the Lesson Presentation, discuss the Big Questions. Ask your child to discuss the meaning of the words pride and proud and then to share their ideas. Explore the given definition together.

Exploring – Feeling Proud: Look together at the importance of feeling proud of our achievements and strengths and how this makes us the individuals we are by reading the information given in the Lesson Presentation. Explain that this can be done without showing off and that, by feeling proud, we can use our achievements to motivate others as well as providing help and support for them. Look together at the examples of people feeling proud and the positive consequences this leads to.

Exploring – What I Am Proud of: Using the Lesson Presentation, discuss the difference between feeling proud and showing off and how this makes a difference to those around us. Ask your child to complete their own What I Am Proud of Activity Sheet in which they draw and write things they have achieved of which they feel proud. These can then be shared and used to create a display of their strengths and achievements. Emphasise that achievements mean different things to different people and that we all feel proud of different things. Explain that it is important to show respect for what others are proud of.

Reflecting – Positive Action: Ask your child to think quietly about the ways in which they can use their strengths and achievements to do wider good. Invite them to share their thoughts






If you can download Lightbot Hour, which is a free app, have a go at some coding. Its what we were doing in our last few lessons. Have a go!