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Writing Activity

 Writing a diary entry.


For today's writing activity (as on a Friday in school, we usually do an independent write) I would like you to write a diary entry about a day in your life during this weird time of home learning.


Don't forget you need to include:

  • Describe the place where the event has happened (your house, the rooms you spend time in, your garden) 
  • It needs to be written in past tense!
  • Talks about key events in your day (waking up, starting school work, eating lunch, your playtime/breaks, your evenings)
  • Most importantly - talks about your feelings
  • Using time conjunctions - before that, after that, then, after lunch, in the evening. 
  • Use personal pronouns - I, me, we, my.


I would LOVE to see some pictures of your diary entries on our twitter!